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Profiling Evil Podcast with Mike King

Mike King

The Profiling Evil Podcast was designed to delve into some of the unsolved criminal cases around the world. We’ll also look into the mind of the criminal offender who commits these heinous acts upon their victims.  Some episodes will examine the amazing work being done by those in the law enforcement profession, in part, to re-humanize the men and women who serve our communities. Worldwide, our police officers have been villainized because of the criminal actions of a few bad officers. Most police officers are genuinely caring people who simply want to protect and serve. They deserve our support and recognition. I hope you’ll enjoy this new podcast series. Mike is the creator and host of Profiling Evil. His work there is completely separate from his full-time job at Esri where he is the Global Director of Fraud and Emergency Communications Solutions. He has helped the largest police departments in the world implement and operate real-time crime centers, intelligence/fusion centers and emergency communications centers. Past major events he has supported are the G20 Summit, Republican National Convention, FEMA National Level Exercise, several Super Bowls. He serves as part of the worldwide Disaster Response Program at Esri. Federal ExpertiseKing served as co-chair of the FBI’s ViCAP (Violent Criminal Apprehension Program) National Advisory Board, reviewing policy and procedures in the creation and management of a national database for missing persons, unidentified bodies and unsolved homicides. He also served as the federal liaison officer during the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City. State and Local ExperienceIn his home state of Utah, Mike retired from the Department of Public Safety after a distinguished law enforcement career, including service as Chief of Staff to Utah Attorney General Jan Graham. He was also the Director of UTAP (Utah Criminal Tracking and Analysis Program) guiding their mission to investigate and facilitate collaboration on unsolved homicides, sexual assaults and missing persons. His service includes; Chief of Staff to the Weber County Attorney and a police officer for the city of Ogden, Utah. Decades of Experience Yields Powerful ProficienciesKing has nearly 40 years of experience in public and private leadership with emphasis in marketing, consulting and business development. His experience includes police records management systems, crime analysis and geospatial solutions. He is an internationally recognized speaker and trainer, adjunct professor and visiting scholar at several accredited universities.Expert Author in the Subject of Violent CrimeKing has co-authored and authored, “Analyzing Criminal Behavior,” “Victimology,” “Who Killed King Tut?” “Predators, Who Are They and How Do We Stop Them?” “Profilers” and “Jane, A Woman’s Determination and the Wild West Frontier.”